The Lame King Saga

And so it begins...

The world begins in the Dale Lands, which is technically Sembia:


A land akin to medieval Europe… yet accepting of other races, gods, and most of all trade ;) With a few, yet bustling port towns to the south/east which has convenient access to the Great Sea, and robust mountains to the northwest… the land is calm.

So far there is an orphaned half-elf rogue with a chaotic neutral disposition. A robin hood when prosperous and selfish when times are hard, and a broken pocketwatch he carries at all times.

A sorcerer with a drinking problem, and a pair of blood brother grey-skinned half-orcs from a shamanistic tribe. How will these heroes get together? Will they even get along with one another?

Regardless of the cast… these calm times are starting to crack. The smooth edges of a peace are beginning to falter. The King, Arnold has died, and his lame son is now the heir. Naturally, the mother has taken over (while not officially) and while she is apt of mind, it is well known the late king’s cousin Archibald is an ambitious man. Immediately upon his cousins death he swore himself in as the protector of the now crowned “Dale Lands” No one cared at first, life went on normally.

Until trade ended. Rumors that Archibald had gone mad or angered Umbra, a local sea god, were circulating. Ships were destroyed by the means of man, nature, and the gods. Some people sided with Archibald when he claimed it was the sins of the people that ended trade. Others claimed it was orchestrated. With trade ended and soldiers trying to maintain order by rebuilding trade and handing out food to peasants. Some still revolt against their King.

News has spread fast of this, and the riots between merchants, the lords, peasants, and the monarchy is at a boiling point.

What would your characters do hearing about this?


Wuren Wuren

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