The Lame King Saga

The Daggers have, not the pointy, stabby kind!

Something else that your characters have heard. Heard by passing travelers, drunks at taverns, and even nature itself when you know how to listen… are the Daggers.

No, not the pointy stabby kind!

Three daggers that have emerged from Archwood. Three masked… people? No one knows their gender, race, deity, or well… really anything.

You would know their facial garb as a Guy Fawkes Mask. Yet, they are identical in all other physical appearance. They sound alike, stand alike, and apparently think alike. They stand silently and symmetrically… all three of them in various villages. Until a crowd gathers. This can take hours. One man claimed they stood for 3 days until folk took notice. Once the gathering starts though… they move. They find high ground and speak. They speak in a hypnotic unison…


It’s like they know the exact issues. I mean everyone knows the situation in what is now called the ‘Dale Lands’ of Sembia. These… Daggers though… know the EXACT issues of everyone in that village. They in unison, stare through eyes of black, at each villager. They speak that person’s issue, they empathize personally, and then they offer a solution.

The solution though… should a man want revenge. Their mark has a nasty fall, or it just so happens he’s behind in his taxes. If a woman wants true love, who knows if a married man should have his wife die, or their brother maybe even sister starts to eye them. Should a child want power, their family hut will catch ablaze soon from spontaneous and whimsical practice of those arts. Some people though have nothing happen. Even a simple issue, it would seem, heard through the ceramic mouth piece of the Daggers.

Rumor has it they are working their way to some of the more popular cities…


Wuren Wuren

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