Half-elf Rogue - 5’ 3”, 105 lbs, 22 years old


Ungodly Nimble
Very Hearty
Extremely bright but uses it for his own means whether it’s selfish or benign
Not wise (cocky)
Gifted in speech with pretty elvish looks – uses to his advantage
Artifact: Pocketwatch (broken and inscribed with “tempus moderetur”)


Orphaned and taken in by a sect of Lythander, he ran away from the church at age 8 and lived on the streets, stealing what only what was necessary to live. He lived this way for the next 6 years, until he stole from the wrong person and was left for dead on the side of the road. There, he was found and nursed back to health by a couple who could not have kids and became their ward until he struck out on his own at 20. They were good people and showed him kindness, which helped shaped his Robin Hood mentality.


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